L&B Bulk

L&B Bulk offers customers the most comprehensive services with 40 trucks and a dedicated team of qualified drivers throughout the Gulf Coast.  L&B Bulk specializes in delivery of various dry bulk related to the oil field industry.  For customers, equipment is strategically located and fully maintained, taking the headache out of product transport. L&B Bulk has the specialized 2000 cubic ft. self-loading bulk tank which enables the trailer to be loaded anywhere with ease.



-Transport of various dry bulk.

-Transport of food grade products.

-Transport of Kosher food grade products.

-Lease/Rental trailers.

-Dry bulk tank repair and maintenance.

-Louisiana state inspections.


-1000 cubic ft. bulk tanks

-1600 cubic ft. bulk tanks

-2000 cubic ft bulk tanks 

33316 LA HWY 1019



TOLL FREE (800) 237-3764

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FAX (225) 664-9983

 Corporate and Safety: ​​(800) 545-9401

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